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THREE BASIC THINGS TO MAKE AN ENGINE RUN are fuel, compression, and a good spark. In this section we offer many new parts for high and low tension ignition systems.

By "low tension" we are referring to ignitor equipped engines and magnetos that appear so weak that even with bare feet on wet ground a good mag won’t give you much of a shock, if any, let alone jump a spark. To visually check a low tension mag for spark, rub the end of the leadout wire across the ignitor spring while cranking the engine, or to bench test, hold the wire against the gear cogs while spinning the gear.

High tension ignition systems use a sparkplug along with a buzz coil (Model “T” style) or a magneto, that if "hot", will definitely get your attention with a spark that will jump 1/4” or more if in good condition.

Magneto Repair
We may have the parts to repair your mag, but if you don’t have a good magnet charger, or if you’re prone to be a little unlucky with some unfamiliar mechanical devices, than we suggest you send your magnetos and ignitors to us for expert repair. We do magneto repair on most single cylinder mags, from simple things to complete rebuilds, we can take care of it. Turnaround time on repairs is usually two to four weeks. We sometimes have misc. rebuilt mags and ignitors for sale and will take your parts on trade. Our magneto men will get your mag working like new again and we guarantee our work 100%!


Part# Description Price

Low Tension Coil
W05  Coil, low tension, 180 ft of winding 57.75

Porcelain Knife Switch
W120  Porcelain Knife Switch, good quality 20.35

Fahnestock Clips
W09  Fahnestock clip (for coils, etc.) 1.30
W112  Fahnestock clip (copper), large, for ignitor 2.75

Mica Tubes 1-3/4" Length
W113A  1/4" ID X 3/8" OD 3.65
W113B  1/4" ID X 7/16" OD 3.65
W113C  1/4" ID X 1/2" OD 3.65
W113D  1/4" ID X 9/16" OD 3.65
W113E  1/4" ID X 5/8" OD 3.65
W113F  5/16" ID X 3/8" OD 3.65
W113G 5/16" ID X 7/16" OD 3.65
W113H 5/16" ID X 1/2" OD 3.65
W113I  5/16" ID X 9/16" OD 3.65
W113J  5/16" ID X 5/8" OD 3.65

Mica Washers 3/4" Stack
W114A  3/16" ID X 5/8" OD  3.00
W114B  3/16" ID X 1" OD  3.00
W114D  7/32" ID X 3/4" OD  3.30
W114H  1/4" ID X 1/2" OD  3.00
W114I  1/4" ID X 5/8" OD 3.00
W114J  1/4" ID X 3/4" OD  3.30
W114K  1/4" ID X 7/8" OD  3.30
W114C  5/16" ID X 5/8" OD  3.30
W114E  5/16" ID X 3/4" OD  3.30
W114F  3/8" ID X 1/2" OD  3.30
W114G 3/8" ID X 1" OD  3.30

Ignitor Points
W115  Ignitor Points, cheap (per pair), 1/8" dia. stem, 1/4" length  4.40
Or have custom made Ignitor Points from high grade stock-stems are 5/16” long, head is 1/4” diam, 1/16” thick, (or made to your specs.)
W1153A With 1/8" stem, 1 pair 12.50
W1153B With 3/16" stem, 1 pair  12.50

Wire/Spark Plug Clips
W117 Primary wire #14 (per foot) 1.10
W122  Primary wire #12 (per foot)  1.10
W25  Spark Plug wire, 7mm (per foot)  1.40
W27  Sparkplug wire end, brass/forked  1.40
W28  Sparkplug wire end, steel/forked .85
W29  Sparkplug wire end for mag, brass  .30

Spark Plugs
HM01  Sparkplug 7/8" straight thread 5.50
HM01A  Sparkplug 7/8" straight thread long reach 6.35
HM02  Sparkplug 1/2" NPT 5.50

Parts listed here are for the “old style” Webster (see drawing). Most ngines in the 1-2HP range have a “AMM” or similar type with one magnet, a 2 1/2-3 1/2HP usually was equipped with an “AK” with two magnets, and larger engines up to 12HP may have the “AL” with three magnets. The “AK” and “AL” will interchange and if the mag is in good condition the “AK” will run the larger engines. We sometimes have new and old style rebuilt mags and misc. trip assy. parts available and offer repair service on all mags and ignitors.
Part# Description Price
L42  "Old Style" Helps and Hints 2.75
WEB007  Armeture Housing, Brass, M mag 189.75
WEB008  Armeture Housing, Brass, K mag 189.75
WEB01  Coils "AMM" (pair)  79.75
WEB01A  Coils "AK-AL"  79.75
WEB02  Dust Cover "AMM", Pot Metal Housing  14.85
WEB02A  Dust Cover "AMM", Brass Housing  19.25
WEB03  Dust Cover "AK-AL", Pot Metal Housing  15.00
WEB03A  Dust Cover "AK-AL" Brass Housing  19.25
WEB04  End Plate W/Bearing, etc. "AM-AK-AL", brass 46.75
WEB045 Mag Armature Push Finger K2 38.50
WEB046 Mag Armature Push Finger K3 38.50
(Push finger is the keyed part on end of arm. shaft that the push rod strikes against to trip mag. We’ll help you get the right one for your engine.)
WEB05  Nameplate "AMM", 3/4" x 18"  12.10
WEB06  Nameplate "AK-AL" 1" x 18"  12.06
WEB07  Oiler W/Hinged Lid, Fits into 1/4" Hole  2.75
WEB07A  Oiler W/Spring Loaded Ball, Fits 1/4" Hole  3.30
WEB08  Priming Cup, Essex, Brass, 1/8" P/T 26.40
WEB10  Priming Cup, Orginal Style, Steel  24.20
WEB11  Trip Finger Assy., All HP’s (See Drawing)  63.80
WEB12  Trip Push Rod Only  19.80
WEB13  Trip Push Rod Journal Only  22.00
WEB14 Trip Push Rod Wedge Only 22.00
WEB15  Retard Lever With Spring & Shaft 52.25
WEB16  Retard Lever Roller  11.55
WEB17  Retard Lever Spring Only 4.95
WEB18  Spring, Inductor "AMM" 6.60
WEB19  Spring, Inductor, AK-AL"  6.60
WEB19B  Spring Roller 3.30
WEB20  Spring, Trip Finger Journal 1 1/2-2HP  3.30
WEB21  Spring, Trip Finger 2 1/2-12HP  3.30
WEB25  Starting Lever 8.80

We’re always interested in buying or trading magnetos that fit the engines we sell parts for. We usually have rebuilt Wico's in stock and we do accept trade-ins. You can depend on us for expert repair on your magnetos along with fast service.

Part# Description Price
L43 Instructions & Parts Manual 3.30
EK01 Armature Fork Roller, Bolt & Nut 8.25
EK011 Armature Yolk Assy. Cushman “R” Models 33.55
EK01A Coil Secondary Con. Spring 1.10
EK02 Coil (Pair) 104.50
EK03 Condensor 11.00
EK04 Cover, front, w/stop button 20.90
EK05 Cover, front, w/o stop button 18.70
EK06 Cover, back 14.60
EK12 Cover, side band 29.15
EK065 Coil Gasket (#206) 4.15
EK066 Deck Gasket (#236) 2.20
EK07 Lead Out Tower With Spring 7.15
***For Wico "EK" covers and sideband availability please call for price and current status.
EK08  Nameplate W/Rivets 6.60
EK09  Points with Felts 15.40
EK10  Point’s Felt .55
EK105 Rear Frame (assembly plate #200) 46.75
EK107 Deck Frame (deck half group #207) 54.45
EK11  EK Rocker Arm Group - contains rocker, latch block, latch block adjusting screw - (will also work with PR mag) 32.45
EK11A  Rocker Arm Latch Block 8.25
EK13  Armature Return Spring - (Type 1) 4.40
EK14 Armature Return Spring - (Type 2) 4.40
EK15  Armature Return Spring - (Type 3) 4.40
EK16  Armature Return Spring - (Witte) 4.40
EK17  Mag Drive Spring - (Type 1) 4.40
EK18  Mag Drive Spring - (Type 2) 4.40
EK19  Mag Drive Spring - (Type 3) 4.40
EK20  Mag Drive Spring - (Witte) 4.40
EK21  Trip Finger Support Spring # 2 2.20
EK22  Support For # 2 Armature Spring 11.00
EK23  Support Rocker Stud & Nut 15.95
EK24  Trip Finger Assembly # 413, Type 2 71.60
EK25  Trip Finger Latch Group, Type 2 27.50
EK26 Trip Finger Frame Group With Retard Lever 39.35
EK27  Trip Finger Retard Lever Type 2 4.95
EK272  Retard Lever - (C- Shaped) Type 3 4.95