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Ed's Treasures Ed is parting with some of his Treasures - click HERE... to go to Ed's Treasure Page and check out what's available. Check back often, new items will be added regularly!
About Us Hit & Miss Enterprises is a family owned and operated business whose goal is to provide parts and services for the stationary and steam engine hobby. We've been around quite a while now and strive to please all of our customers! Hit & Miss was started by Ed Deis and for a little history, click HERE...

Parts and Services Besides new and used parts and literature for one-lunger engines, we offer custom machine shop service, sheet metal shop, welding and brazing, repair or duplication of most parts (from original parts or drawings), custom made babbitt insert bearings and cast iron valves (two piece with steel stems).

Engines, Parts engines, Parts, Oilers and parts, Belt driven equipment, Single cylinder magnetos, Steam whistles, injectors, steam pumps, Entire collections or contents of old shops with related equipment. Cash paid or we'll trade engine parts, services, etc.

Engine Parts Identification "A Never Ending Search" Ever wonder what casting number is supposed to be on a part you're looking for? Or, have a part and don't know what engines it fits? Well, we have started a cross reference of engine part numbers that you can search to find out!

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