"Original" Parts
Stover KA/KE

STOK#114 Stover flywheels for 2HP model KA, CT1, CT2, CT3, 1-1/2HP K and KE; $125.00ea
#STOK115 Stover flywheel for 1-1/2HP model K or KE; $125.00
#STOK150 Heads. 1)Stover 'K' ignitor model SOLD; 2)Stover model "KE", no valves. Reduced $105.00ea.
#STOK178 Stover 'KE' for parts. Call for a quote on the part you need.
#STOK200 Connecting Rod for 'KA'. Good condition. $125.00
#STOK201 Exhaust pushrod assy. w/trip finger clamp for 'KA'. $85.00 (can seperate)
#STOK202 EK mag bracket with spring support, stud and nut for 'KA'. $57.50
#STOK203 Mixer for H&M governed model 'KA'. $137.50
#STOK204 Exhaust valve rocker - $29.00 for 'KA'. Bracket - $40.50
#STOK205 EK mag trip finger assy. - $47.50. (good original or new)
#STOK206 Fuel filler for 'KA'. $47.50
#STOK207 Cam shaft for 'KA' - $37.50
#STOK208 Cylinder head for 'KA', as is - $125.00. Rebuilt (grind and hide weld, new valves, etc.), guaranteed - $225.00
#STOK209 Flywheels - $125.00 each